A couple who are restaurant owners

The ERC for the real estate industry

Real estate businesses may qualify for a substantial payroll tax refund through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), even if they received PPP loans.

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A couple who are restaurant owners

From limited showings to economic uncertainty, the real estate industry had to fight through the pandemic.

How we've helped thousands of eligible businesses, including those in real estate, file for the ERC.


Qualifying them for government shutdown orders


Determining eligibility under limited commerce


Outlining COVID’s impact beyond reduced revenue

With the ERC, qualifying companies may receive a refund to help fund marketing initiatives, leverage new technology, and expand to more markets.

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Their service and convenience are great.  Natalie Hoogerwerf is our rep and does a very good job in keeping us informed at every step.

Rob Frontiera
Pacific Tower Partnership

The ERC team has been professional and thorough from the start, and Chavis conducts regular check-in calls to keep me informed.

Chris Lanagan
The Lanagan Group

What initially appeared daunting ended up being a breeze. Hope Guill is an angel amongst professionals and clearly and consistently communicated our status and what was needed.

Pam DeMerle
Bayshore Properties

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Our independent tax attorneys and professionals have extensive knowledge of ERC qualifications and IRS tax code to help eligible real estate businesses claim their refund.

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