Join us to shape the future of fintech

At Innovation Refunds, we've created a platform to reimagine how businesses finance and grow their company. Come build with us!

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Be part of a remote-first team of innovators coast to coast

From San Francisco and Irvine to Des Moines and Miami, we're curious, creative, and diverse — driven by the purpose of our mission, and energized by the joy we get from supporting each other. We help businesses and we love doing it together.


We embody our values

We were forged in the F.I.R.E. - FUN. INTEGRITY. RESILIENCE. EXCELLENCE. And in just a couple of years, those four letters helped us grow from a small group of experienced leaders to a national brand.


Enjoying time with colleagues in a relaxed and fun environment encourages honest, open discussions and trust in one another.


Having a resilient mindset means we don't fear changes or challenges, we see them as opportunities to learn and become stronger.


Integrity is a priceless essential for success. Honesty, loyalty, respect, and responsibility. This is what we should strive for everyday.


We strive for excellence because we're fully committed to achieving results that go way beyond anything that has been achieved before.

It's not a job, it’s our mission

“From management caring about your as a person to making you feel valued, to your peers making this a fun place to be at, working at Innovation Refunds has been nothing but amazing. YOU MATTER here. I look forward to coming to work everyday!”

Greta Williams  |  Customer Success Champion

“Innovation Refunds is a place like no other. The growth is insane, and the people flooding into this company are all rockstars. Everyone has an opinion that is valuable, and we work as a team to get things done. The opportunity I found here at Innovation Refunds is once in a lifetime.

Caleb Warner  |  Product Operation Manager

“What is amazing about Innovation Refunds as a career opportunity is that each individual that joins at this stage is given the change to own a piece of the puzzle, solve problems immediately with whatever superpower they possess, and grow into the next phase of their career.”

James Le  |  RevOps Manager

“Innovation Refunds puts their employees first! It’s exciting coming to work everyday because I feel incredibly valued both personally and professionally. Knowing the significant impact our business has on our clients makes it all the better. I’ve loved every second of working for this company!”

Brady Silas  |  Refund Assurance Champion

What we offer

Bonus Structure

We offer a competitive salary and generous bonus structure to incentivize all team members.

401k Plan

Our company sponsors a 401k plan that allows you to maximize your investment and tax benefits.

Health Benefits

Get top-notch health benefits along with comprehensive dental, vision, and life insurance.

Catered Lunch

Once a week, our office has the chance to gather around the table and chow down together.

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