A couple who are restaurant owners

The ERC for the finance industry

Finance companies may qualify for a substantial payroll tax refund through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), even if they received PPP loans.

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A couple who are restaurant owners

From liquidity challenges to widespread economic hardship, the finance industry had to fight through the pandemic.

How we've helped thousands of eligible businesses, including those in finance, file for the ERC.


Qualifying them for government shutdown orders


Determining eligibility under limited commerce


Outlining COVID’s impact beyond reduced revenue

With the ERC, qualifying companies may receive a refund to help improve marketing efforts, drive sustainable growth, and recover lost resources.

What our finance customers are saying

Innovation Refunds was really great to work with.  They communicated the ERTC process step by step with expected timelines and next steps. I would not have chosen to take on the application for the ERTC without help, and Innovation Refunds was definitely a good choice.

Lynn Rogers
Archibald Enterprises

Great experience overall! Zach and Chelsea helped me through the whole process step by step to make sure all documents were collected and accounted for. If there were any issues they would get solved immediately. I was surprised at how easy it was. Thanks again!

Sean Bell
Yorkshire Wealth Management

Outstanding group. Very efficient, effective, and professional. They were able to help us recover the refunds due our company much sooner than we anticipated. The entire process took about 5 months from the date we applied to getting the actual refund checks delivered to our office.

Michael Horstmann
Agency of Credit Control

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