WHO WE are

It’s our business to help yours

Innovation Refunds is powered by a customer-centric mindset, top-of-the-line talent, and experienced leadership from the world's most trusted brands. That’s how we’re able to achieve our mission of helping thousands of businesses across the country.


We embody our values

We were forged in the F.I.R.E. - FUN. INTEGRITY. RESILIENCE. EXCELLENCE. And in just a couple of years, those four letters helped us grow from a small group of experienced leaders to a national brand.


Enjoying time with colleagues in a relaxed and fun environment encourages honest, open discussions and trust in one another.


Having a resilient mindset means we don't fear changes or challenges, we see them as opportunities to learn and become stronger.


Integrity is a priceless essential for success. Honesty, loyalty, respect, and responsibility. This is what we should strive for everyday.


We strive for excellence because we're fully committed to achieving results that go way beyond anything that has been achieved before.


Great businesses are built on great alliances

When it comes to partnerships, we look for the same thing we look for in our employees: trusted, talented people. That’s led to working relationships with over 60 banks who put their trust in our company to help their customers. Additionally, we’ve worked with companies like iHeartMedia and Yelp to create growth for their small business audiences.


We’re a growing team of innovators, makers, and thinkers

“We seek to do good – for entrepreneurs, for our customers, and for our employees. Our team of doers are on a mission to create solutions for small businesses in America to thrive and keep the engine that drives our economy revving.”

RODNEY RAD, President