Refer & Earn Program Terms


Refer & Earn Program Terms
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These terms (the “Refer & Earn Program Terms”) apply to Innovation Refunds’ Refer & Earn Program, described here. These Refer & Earn Program Terms govern participation in the Refer & Earn Program, and are in addition to any other agreements that you may have with Innovation Refunds, LLC (“Innovation Refunds,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”), including Our Terms of Use (including but not limited to all disclaimers, limitations of liability, indemnification, choice of law, dispute resolution, and other provisions therein) and Privacy Policy, which are hereby incorporated by reference. By participating in the Refer & Earn Program in any way, you agree to these Refer & Earn Program Terms.
Someone who refers a business(es) to Innovation Refunds as part of the Refer & Earn Program, is called a “Referrer.” Any business a Referrer refers to Innovation Refunds is called a “Referee.”

  • How it Works

An individual or business seeking to participate in the Refer & Earn Program as a Referrer should provide their name, phone number, and email address here. The email address provided will then receive a unique referral link that the individual or business may send to Referees. Referrers must inform all Referees that the Referrer may receive compensation or another reward if Referee uses the Referrer’s link to sign up and work with Innovation Refunds and its partners for the filing and receipt of Referee’s tax credit. By participating in the Refer & Earn Program, each and every Referrer hereby agrees to provide, and commits to providing, such notice to Referees in every instance.
If a Referee becomes a Qualified Referral, as defined in section 2 below and subject to Innovation Refunds’ sole discretion, the Referrer for that Referee will qualify for a reward from our program, currently a $1,000 VISA gift card (“Gift Card”) per Qualified Referral. Innovation Refunds may, in its sole discretion, choose to change this amount or reward-type at any time. Gift Cards are subject to the Gift Card issuer’s terms and conditions, which Referee hereby agrees to comply with. No third-party reward provider is a sponsor of the Refer & Earn Program.  
Gift Cards constitute taxable income and any Referrer hereby agrees to provide Innovation Refunds with a fully-completed W-9 form upon request.
Any Referrer qualifying for a Gift Card, will be sent an email with a digital token and instructions for claiming their reward. Referrers must claim their reward within four (4) months of receiving this email. This email will permit Referrers to select either a physical gift card for mailing to them (shipping and handling fees apply, and are currently $3), or a digital gift card for more immediate use. Innovation Refunds and/or its partner will send this email within seven (7) days of Innovation Refunds receiving full payment from the Qualified Referral’s tax filing. Gift Card funds are valid for seven (7) months from issuance.

  • Eligibility

Referrers are only eligible to receive a Gift Card for Qualified Referrals. To be a “Qualified Referral,” the Referee must:

  • Be a U.S. company;
  • Never have had an Innovation Refunds account;
  • Sign up for an Innovation Refunds account via the unique referral link sent by the Referrer;
  • Work with Innovation Refunds and its partners to file for, and receive, a tax credit;
  • Consent to and comply with these Refer & Earn Program Terms and Innovation Refunds’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Innovation Refunds has sole discretion to determine whether it wishes to work with any Referee, and whether a referral is a Qualified Referral.

  • Representations

By participating in the Refer & Earn Program, you represent and warrant: (1) as a Referrer, that you have a personal or professional relationship with your Referree(s) (e.g., you know them or they are part of your social media network); and (2) as a Referrer or Referee, that you will comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, contractual terms, and/or policies related to your participation in the Refer & Earn Program.

  • Restrictions

The following is a non-exhaustive list of activities that are not permitted under the Refer & Earn Program Terms and will disqualify Referrers and/or Referees from being compensated for Qualified Referrals:

  • Self-referrals;
  • Use of more than one identity to participate in the Refer & Earn Program;
  • Referrals by Innovation Refunds’ Sales employees or their family members;
  • Bulk email distribution or any other promotion that would constitute or appear to constitute unsolicited commercial email or "spam";
  • Posting your referral link on any page that is not owned or controlled by you, including but not limited to, any merchant or forum page (posting to your social media page is encouraged);
  • Sharing your referral link to any third party discount, coupon, or affiliate program;
  • Placing our logos or mentioning our trademarks or tradenames in any ad text, extensions, or banner ads;
  • Using paid advertising to generate traffic to your referral link;
  • Misleading or attempting to mislead anyone in connection with the Refer & Earn Program, including but not limited to, misrepresenting your relationship with us or posing as our representative; and
  • Taking any action or making any content that is disparaging or defamatory to us.
  • Reservation of Rights

We reserve the right to:

  • Cancel or change the Refer & Earn Program, including available rewards and amounts, at any time and for any reason, with or without notice to you;
  • Terminate your Innovation Refunds account and/or involvement in the Refer & Earn Program and/or delay, cancel, revoke, or prevent payment on any Gift Card or other reward, if we, in our sole discretion, deem any of your related behavior as fraudulent, abusive, unethical, suspicious, a misuse of the Refer & Earn Program or other Innovation Refunds product or service, or otherwise inconsistent with applicable law, rules, regulations, contractual terms, policies, and/or Refer & Earn Program Terms; and
  • Determine the interpretation of these Refer & Earn Program Terms in our sole discretion. Our decisions as to these terms are final.

Referrals are subject to Innovation Refunds’ verification and rewards are paid in Innovation Refunds’ sole discretion.

  • Questions

If you have any questions about our Refer & Earn Program, please contact us.

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