How to Become an ERC Affiliate with Innovation Refunds

Would you like a chance to earn money while helping small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in your network?

Then you might consider joining our ERC Affiliate Program.

Trusted by over 17,000 businesses, Innovation Refunds helps you earn commissions for connecting qualified business owners to the ERC, also known as the Employee Retention Credit

Who Are Our Affiliates? 

- Financial services professionals, such as CPAs, Tax Attorneys, Financial Advisors, et al.  

-Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, or folks who run business incubators.

-Or any other qualified professional or agency (such as B2B service providers that serve SMBs). 

Through this unique program, you’ll get a chance to earn money and become a hero to clients and friends – while helping business owners who might not have known about the ERC program

What Can Businesses Use the ERC Funding for? 

Your friends and network may experience apprehension about taking advantage of these payroll refunds, but they shouldn’t! The U.S. Small Business Administration even described the ERC as “Free Money from the US Government”!

Plus, they’ll likely be interested in a simple injection of cash – up to $26,000 per employee kept on payroll during the pandemic – that does not need to be paid back. 

For businesses that qualify for and use the ERC, there are many uses for putting the payroll tax refund to good use: 

Funds can go toward

-Back into your business

-Cash bonuses

-401(k) contributions

-Reducing debt

-Purchasing new equipment 

-Investing in new commercial real estate

-Boosting cash reserves 

-And more!

Why Become an ERC Affiliate? 

In addition to the financial benefit, becoming an ERC affiliate is a great chance to serve your SMB community and help them realize a beneficial payroll tax refund

A couple more quick reasons to join the ERC affiliate program

-No complicated training on the ERC is necessary.

-Expand this service specialty to your existing audience.

-We’ll provide you with training and marketing toolkits if needed! 

-There’s absolutely no cost to you to join.

-AND you can earn passive income by just making an introduction between your clients and IR. 

Discover how other businesses have earned through the ERC program:

● An Innovation Refunds marketing campaign for an Oregon bank resulted in 132 applications and $87 million in refund claims within one month.

● Clients qualified for $31.5 million in refund claims within four months at a Georgia bank.

● Clients qualified for over $54 million in refund claims at Sunwest Bank.

Become an ERC Affiliate in 5 Steps 

So you’re open to joining Innovation Refunds ERC Affiliate Program? That’s great. 

Let’s walk through the process in 5 easy steps! 

Step #1 – Determine if the Affiliate Program is the Right Fit 

First things first, make an inventory. How many SMBs do you know that can benefit from the ERC? If you think that number is substantial, then why not apply? Remember that we’re not asking for a large time commitment. As an affiliate, you’re just making the introduction! 

Okay, so what are the eligibility requirements

-First, you must be a small-to-mid-sized business.
Note: In 2020, an employer is considered large if it averaged more than 100 full-time employees during 2019. In 2021, an employer is considered large if it averaged more than 500 full-time employees during 2019. 

-Had operations that were impacted by government orders due to COVID-19


-Experienced a decline in gross receipts during 2021, more than 20% decline vs. the same quarter of 2019 and a 50% decline in the 2020 calendar.

Step #2 – Apply to the Program

We make it as easy as possible to apply to the program and become an affiliate. In fact, the main thing you need to do is simply fill out our ERC affiliate program application and wait for approval – which typically takes around 7 business days.

H3: Step #3 – Receive Marketing Assets from IR 

Once you’re approved, Innovation Refunds makes getting started easier by sharing marketing collateral (such as email templates, social media posts and banner ads) which you can use to market the ERC to your clients. We’ll also send you a unique affiliate partner link to send to your potential ERC leads.

Step #4 – Connect to Your Client Base 

Remember that inventory you made? Now that you’re interested in becoming a  qualified affiliate, let’s take it one step further. How many of these contacts do you believe fit the ERC eligibility requirements?  

So, gather up your list and begin outreach. Feel free to connect any way you prefer: via email, phone call, LinkedIn, or whichever channel works best to leverage your networks. 

You can also use the marketing collateral provided by Innovation Refunds to extend your reach. Just be sure you understand the ERC eligibility requirements before connecting, so you don’t waste their time – or yours! 

Step #5 – Start Earning 

For every business you refer that qualifies for the ERC, you’ll earn a commission. You’ll receive the commission after they take the qualifying action as the outlines are noted in your contract. 

Share the Affiliate Program 

If you know other motivated businesses, let us know! 

Become an ERC Affiliate with Innovation Refunds today

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