Choosing An ERC Service: Innovation Refunds Client Reviews

If you’ve already heard about the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), you probably know it can get a bit complicated. Having a trusted ERC service originator at your side could help smooth the way to recovering the ERC for eligible business.


To find the professionals that can best represent your payroll tax refund interests, you should explore what their customers say about them. Below, we’ll discuss what to look for when reading reviews, and we’ll share what Innovation Refunds (IR) clients have to say about us.


What to look for in an ERC originator


When researching various options, look for an ERC originator that:

●  Has a network of independent tax attorneys, CPAs, and tax professionals

●  Offers support you can count on

●  Has a track record of successful claims

●  Offers audit protection at no additional cost

●  Has testimonials on the company website

●  Has reviews on reputable review sites

●  Has you fill out an application to see if they can help your business to estimate its potential refund and check eligibility status.


Why “the little things” matter when choosing an ERC originator


Company details matter because you need to know what to expect from the company you choose. This is true across all industries, and the world of tax returns is no different.


A useful website, testimonials, and reviews


Check to see if the company has Testimonials, Blog resources, FAQs, and other pages with pertinent information. Testimonials on a company’s page can provide feedback, insight into experiences, and reassurance that the company is the real deal. You can also check review websites, such as TrustPilot, to see how the company has fared with its clients. You can go a step further by comparing the testimonials on the website with what people are saying in reviews across the web to check for consistent positive experiences.


Client reviews of Innovation Refunds


At Innovation Refunds, we take pride in who we are and in the small businesses we serve. What our clients have been saying about us:  


Client testimonials


The following two video testimonials can be found here:

Innovation Refunds made it very simple. Just had to get a few of my records together, submit that, and they made it as painless as possible. It allowed us to keep the amount of people that we needed. — Excerpt from video testimonial with Bill Lockwood, owner of Lomita Feed.


I heard about Innovation Refunds and the little known payroll tax refund. I showed it to my wife and she said, “Let’s run it by our accountant.” He said, “Yes. Absolutely. That is a legitimate tax credit. I went on their website, uploaded everything, and I was blown away by what they could do.” — Excerpt from video testimonial with Hal Cranmer, owner of Paradise for Parents.


TrustPilot Reviews


TrustPilot is an open review platform, and Innovation Refunds has a 4.9 star rating on it with over 150 reviews. Below are a few reviews from December 2022:

Review by: Sekhar Reddy Cumberland Plastics Corporation; Woodbury, TN

Date of experience: December 08, 2022


“Innovation Refunds exceeded our expectations. They do what they say and ask for relevant documents and get to work. We worked with Jason Boesen and Chelsea Steiner- they are great to work with and make the process very easy. They helped us get a big refund including filing amendments to tax returns with the department of treasury. I am glad we called them.”

Review by Susan Francis

Date of experience: December 18, 2022


“Innovation Refund[s] was absolutely amazing. The customer Service was top notch. They kept us updated on every step of the way. Very efficient and fast. Saw their ad on TV after receiving multiple calls for our business to participate in the Refund. I was very hesitant until the commercial and made contact. Was still skeptical but once things got moving and we got all the documentation they went to work and did it all. Thank you Jason for all your help!!”

Review by: Charles Ross

Date of experience: December 04, 2022


“I worked with a team of professionals from the very beginning of this process. All the interactions were very understandable and clearly outlined for me to follow. The process is easier than one might imagine and Innovation was there to answer questions at any point. Devonte Thedford was my assigned representative and he was great and easy to work with. Thank you Innovation refunds!!!”


Begin the ERC process with the right ERC originator


To recover your payroll tax credit, trust an ERC originator with a successful track record and hundreds of reviews. At Innovation Refunds, you’ll have a network of independent tax professionals to guide you every step of the way. Helping businesses thrive is our number one priority. We are proud to say that our clients have claimed over $4 billion in refunds.  


How long does it take to see if your business qualifies for ERC assistance? Around 8 minutes!


Get started now to see if your company may be eligible.


Check Your Eligibility.

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