7 Benefits of Applying for Innovation Refunds’ ERC Affiliate Program

So, you might have already heard of our ERC Affiliate Program.


We think it’s one of the best ways to take advantage of your professional network – while also earning a healthy commission.


We welcome you to apply to join our Innovation Refunds ERC Affiliate Program. As an affiliate of Innovation Refunds, you’ll generate commissions on qualifying referrals that successfully claim the ERC, while helping small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) you already know.


If you’re a financial services professional, CPA, or tax attorney, or serve SMBs in other capacities, you may qualify – and it’s a great way to become a hero to your clients. Our affiliates are passionate about helping SMBs thrive.


As a trusted name in the industry, we’ve helped over 17,000 businesses claim more than $5 billion in ERC funds. With your help, we’ll be on our way to helping even more small businesses.


Quick note: Our affiliate program differs from our Refer & Earn Program. The ERC Affiliate Program is designed for approved affiliates with a strong SMB network while the Refer & Earn program is for friends and family.

What is the ERC?


The ERC is a payroll tax refund that helps eligible businesses receive up to $26,000 per employee kept on payroll during the pandemic. It’s designed to help qualifying businesses that, in part, retained existing employees during 2020 and 2021.


Even though it was established by the CARES Act (which is the relief bill that also created the PPP), the ERC wasn’t widely used until recently. Why is that?


- COVID created a lot of confusion in the world. Enough said! 

- Most SMB owners are busy – and were especially so during the pandemic.

- Originally, ERC was not accessible for businesses that took part in PPP Funding. The ERC has undergone expansion and under new rules, you can claim ERC and PPP.

- The complex tax code, paperwork and calculations for the ERC are challenging, even for accountants.

- This is why you should consider an ERC company like Innovation Refunds


Our mission is to assist qualifying SMBs in getting refunds  – with a simpler approach to claiming the payroll refund your business may be eligible for.


Benefit #1: Help Your Network Gain Access to ERC Funds


How many SMBs are in your network? If you’re like many of our affiliates, you can probably name at least five off the top of your head. How many do you think may possibly qualify for the ERC?


Innovation Refunds doesn’t require (or pay) any fees for your SMB connections – we only get paid after money from the IRS is put into your client’s pockets. You’ll be the next one who gets paid!


Benefit #2: Potentially Earn Sizeable Commissions


As an ERC Affiliate, you’re only responsible for making the introduction from your network of clients to IR. Affiliates can generate potentially significant passive income. For example, several of our bank affiliates helped their clients file millions in ERC refunds.

Benefit #3: Expand Your Service Offerings to Existing Clients


While your business may not specialize in ERC payroll refunds, you can extend this service to your clients via IR. Allow us to handle the paperwork that’s associated with the ERC … so you can stay focused on your business initiatives and free up bandwidth.


Benefit #4: Comprehensive Marketing Assets Provided


If you’re approved as an affiliate, Innovation Refunds makes getting started easier by sharing marketing collateral (such as email templates, social media posts, and banner ads) which you can use to market the ERC to your clients. We’ll also send you a unique affiliate partner link to send to your potential ERC leads.


Benefit #5: IR Does the Heavy Lifting


If you’re approved, our team of independent tax professionals handle all the heavy lifting. In fact, all you’re responsible for is the referral!

Innovation Refunds does not provide tax advice, but our independent team of tax professionals will step in and help determine ERC eligibility, assist with gathering the required documentation, and estimate the payroll refund amount. As an affiliate, you do not need to have knowledge of the complicated ERC tax code. (Whew!)


Benefit #6: Less than 5 Minutes to Apply


We make it as easy as possible to apply to the program and, if approved, become an affiliate. In fact, the main thing you need to do is fill out our application form, answer a few questions and wait for approval – which typically takes between 1-2 weeks.


Benefit #7 Free to Join


The ERC Affiliate Program from Innovation Refunds is completely free to join. This means that, if approved, you have the potential to earn commissions just for making introductions – and no surprise fees.


Become an ERC Affiliate with Innovation Refunds Today!

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