A couple who are restaurant owners

The ERC for women-owned businesses

Women-owned businesses may qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), even if they received PPP loans.

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A couple who are restaurant owners

From supply issues to staffing shortages, women-owned businesses had to fight through the pandemic.

How we've helped thousands of eligible businesses, including women-owned businesses, file for the ERC.


Qualifying them for government shutdown orders


Determining eligibility under limited commerce


Outlining COVID’s impact beyond reduced revenue

With the ERC, qualifying companies may receive a refund to help improve marketing efforts, drive sustainable growth, and recover lost resources.

What our customers are saying

I couldn't be happier with my ERC refund. Innovation Refunds made the process easy and they were spot on with the amount and timeframe to receive the funds.

Beth BcElroy
Splash and Dash

With the Employee Retention Credit, it eases my mind knowing that I will be able to stay open another hopefully ever but at least another two years.

Shannon Knight
Little Knights Daycare

Sean Bealer, Michael Dinos, and Chavis Keller have been a pleasure to work with. They made a very daunting task seem easy and they're super organized.

Carolina Mery
Pura Buena Onda

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Our independent network of tax attorneys have extensive knowledge of ERC qualifications and the laws that govern the interpretation of allowable deductions.

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It's easy to get started and see if you are eligible for the ERC

Eligible women-owned businesses could qualify for the ERC tax refund and help their companies however they see fit.

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