A couple who are restaurant owners

The ERC for minority-owned businesses

Minority-owned businesses may qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), even if they received PPP loans.

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A couple who are restaurant owners

From supply issues to staffing shortages, minority-owned businesses had to fight through the pandemic.

How we've helped thousands of eligible businesses, including minority-owned businesses, file for the ERC.


Qualifying them for government shutdown orders


Determining eligibility under limited commerce


Outlining COVID’s impact beyond reduced revenue

With the ERC, qualifying companies may receive a refund to help improve marketing efforts, drive sustainable growth, and recover lost resources.

What our customers are saying

Very easy process. Hugo Ryan, Stephanie Tessman, and Chavis Keller made it quick and easy to process my ERC. I highly recommend Innovation Refunds.

Miguel Angel Torres
Gator International

I found this company through an online ad and they reached out immediately, walked me through all the necessary steps, and guided me to obtain the proper paperwork.

Suzanne Nguyen
Café Zenon

They got my business almost $100K back in refunds that I never knew I was entitled to and took care of the whole process, soup to nuts. Great service and no upfront liability.

Mike Chou
Advanced Neuro & Spinal Surgery

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Our independent network of tax attorneys have extensive knowledge of ERC qualifications and the laws that govern the interpretation of allowable deductions.

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Eligible minority-owned businesses could qualify for the ERC tax refund and help their companies however they see fit.

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