Get your refund faster

Your business' ERC refund could take 4 months to 1 year to arrive. But with ERC Advance, we may be able to help get your business’ money to you in days.

ERC Advance explained

ERC Advance provides eligible businesses with quick access to their refund. We’ll present you with options so you can find the deal that works best for your business. Options may include having no debt involved, collateral required, or ownership dilution. 

Get capital fast, so you can start addressing your business needs right away.
No Obligation
There is no obligation to proceed with any deal presented, and we’ll manage the process, so you can focus on running your business.
Customize your payment options to find the structure that best works for your business.

How it works

We work with with select financial partners to offer flexible options.
We'll provide you with options, so you can decide which payment structure works for you.
Once approved, we’ll help guide you through our independent lender contract.
Finally, you’ll get your ERC refund deposited into your account.

Getting refunds faster means money gets into your business sooner.

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Is the only fee from Innovation or are there additional fees for the work that has been done to date?
Is the interest charged monthly or is it a flat rate against the total amount?
How is the interest rate determined?
Is the amount disbursed an accurate figure or is it an estimate?
In terms of financials for 22, what is exactly needed?
Is this a loan?
I signed my docusign, what are the next steps?
What do I need to sign to initiate the process?
How much is IR fee for this service?
Is this a loan I will have to pay back later?
Since I am “approved” for ERC, am I for sure “approved” for ERC Advance also?
Who are we (IR) sending their information to?
Is ERC Advance money coming from the IRS?
How will I receive my money?
Does IR run a credit and background check?